wasting time

The past weeks have been not the easiest. Sometimes life just gets so complicated that you don’t see how you can ever manage all those things on your plate.

What I noticed:

Somehow the hours I work don’t seem to stand in  a linear relationship with how much I get done. Probably because what happens is that work and private life melt into one big mess.

So I’ve tried to streamline lab work to get more done in the same hours and still have

Holga, 120 film

time for all the other things in my life. I made plans and lists and spreadsheets. Well, turns out stuff doesn’t get done just because you write it down in five different ways.

Panic also isn’t greatly beneficial.

Surprisingly, what I found helps is to STOP and do NOTHING USEFUL AT ALL. For a while. A weekend without email, phone or internet. A Monday afternoon in a coffee shop with a friend. A Wednesday night out drinking, not caring that it’s a school night.

I can’t help it, but breaks to me are essential. They make me realize what is important and let me prioritize. Finding out what really matters is impossible when you are in the middle of it all.

For more thoughts on the topic of aimless past times visit visualflaneur.com

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