I truly enjoy the American way of life. Well, the Northern Californian way of life I should say, as I have never lived anywhere else in the US and I’m told that living in San Francisco doesn’t really compare. Anyway, what I mean is that most of the time I really have the feeling to fit in. I am generally full of energy, enthusiastic and yes, happy. I rave about the ‘can-do’ attitude around here and I’m all over being efficient and productive.

But sometimes everything just seems so big and loud and fast.

I really try to not convene the typical European vs. American categorization too often, but a lot of things simply are smaller and slower in Europe. Coffees for example. And movies.

I was reminded of this when Oliver convinced me to watch ‘L’illusioniste’ this weekend This Oscar nominated animated movie by Sylvain Chomet stands in contrast to most movies or TV shows I’ve seen recently. It’s quiet, nostalgic and simply beautiful. It’s 2D! Can you believe it?

Here is the trailer and I really hope that it wins that Oscar. So I can go believing that there is room for calmness in our busy lives.

PS.: We also watched the previous movie by Sylvain Chomet ‘Les triplettes de Belleville’. The chubby ‘Statue of Liberty’ is adorable.

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One Response to Illusion?

  1. evaschmid says:

    Hmmm… Toy Story 3 won. Not surprising I guess.
    Well, I keep on believing that there is also time for slow pictures and silent stories.

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