on the streets

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love living in San Francisco in a way that borders on obsession and that I would never move out of the Mission (well, not until my visa expires, that is). Since two scientist incomes don’t exactly pay for a mansion in a fancy neighborhood we have become somewhat accustomed to the homeless hanging out in front of our door. I remember when we first came here for interviews I was shocked about the sheer number of people living on the streets of San Francisco. Now, almost 3 years in, I barely see them. Sad, I know. Recently two videos made me start look at the people who practically are my neighbors in a different light again. Those people who friendly greet me when I go to BART in the morning and are generally in a better mood than the average waiter in Austria. Anyway, here two amazing stories:

The first one is about a man who lives a few blocks from us. He sleeps in front of Adobe books and he hands you stories he writes on a typewriter when you pass by. I found the following movie on this awesome blog.

And here is another video I saw on NPR some time ago which is another sad story, but with a happy ending:

‘Golden Voice’ homeless man finds job, home after viral video success

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